The Song of a Library

Year 2018
Format epub
ISBN 9788899375539


I. The Ouverture II. The Lightning III. The Origins IV Native Speaker V. Harmony VI. Reader VII. Journeys VIII. Acquisitions IX. Dedications X. Diary XI. Om XII. Vivarium XIII. Girona XIV. Breviary XV. Journals XVI. Hermeneutics XVII. Mysticism XVIII. Christ XIX. End Chronology of Raimon Panikkar's life Chronology of readings

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By: Maciej Bielawski,

€ 6.99

Ebook (Eb)


This book is a "bibliographic novel" about Raimon Panikkar's library, based on his marginalia and readings.


My shelves are the musical staff and my books are musical notes, but who will hear my song? The colourful covers of my volumes are the curtains – which hand will raise them? The words printed on the pages are still – which mind will move them? Each of my letters are impregnated with spirit – which wind will uncover them? For a long time I have brooded over sounds and voices. Now it is time to express them because the greatness of wisdom must be shown. If anyone hears the voice of my silence, enter into my space as if entering a temple in which a breath lives. I am everyone's and no one's, thus even my song is for no one and for everyone. Come and listen to me.

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