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Nina Tanzi
Turandot, la principessa di gelo
(II ed. con audiolibro)

Wed 17 May 2017

Нина Танци
Tурандот, хладнокровная принцесса

Fri 2 June 2017
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Nina Tanzi
Turandot, the cold-hearted Princess


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The book

An exciting fairy tale takes you by the hand. It takes you to the exotic East, where Princess Turandot is unsympathetically attending the execution of her last, unlucky suitor. But look, another one is coming and he must pass a test. Who will have the courage to follow him? The narrative flavour of the fairy tale takes the reader by the hand and leads them through the theatrical opening scene of the opera, into the story of the frosty-eyed princess and her ‘victorious’ hero.

The author

Nina Tanzi is the pen name of an artist, an opera professional, who, with few props and an incredible capacity for storytelling, has been spreading her passion of bel canto for many years. Andrea Pulcini is a promising, young illustrator, who comes from the world of fantasy but is capable of drawing multiple figurative languages. By communicating with the author, he was able to grasp, and transmit through his illustrations, the richness and intensity of the opera.

The series

The book belongs to the “Opera Fables” series, dedicated to younger audiences. It aims to interest school age children in the culture and delights of opera through its fantastical themes. Imaginative fairy tales are created from the plots of opera librettos, with their ancient contrasts between light and shadow. Discover enchanting prose that excites children as well as parents and grandparents. The bel canto is echoed in rich and profound texts and images, uniting generations and teaching them of its beauty.

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